Diamond Pigs is excited to introduce a new feature called “Exclude Your Favorite Coins” which aims to bring more flexibility and control to the investment strategy of our customers. This new feature allows you to create a list of specific coins in your wallet that you don’t want Diamond Pigs to trade. This means you can hold or trade those coins outside the Diamond Pigs strategy portfolio, giving you more control over your investments.

At Diamond Pigs, we believe that every crypto investor should have a unique investment strategy, which is why we want to empower our customers to tailor their investment portfolios to their specific needs. With the “Exclude Your Favorite Coins” feature, you can now make better customization and have more control over your investment strategy, allowing you to optimize your portfolio to match your unique investment goals both for the short term and long term.

Now, the “Exclude Your Favorite Coins” feature is available to all Diamond Pigs users after extensive testing with a diverse group of beta testers. We want to thank all our beta testers for their valuable feedback that helped us refine this new feature and make it ready for use by our wider customer base.

How To Activate The Exclude Your Favorite Coins Feature

  1. Activating this feature is easy. After signing in to your Diamond Pigs account, go to the ‘Adjust Strategy’ page from the dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to the end of the page, and click on the ‘Exclude coins from management’ button. You can also directly access this feature by visiting this link: https://members.diamondpigs.com/updatestrategy/blacklist. 
  3. Once you reach the exclude coins page, write the ticker of the coins you want to exclude in the box provided (e.g., BNB = Binance Coin, FTM = Fantom,  LTC = Litcoin), and click “confirm” after selecting the coins you want to exclude from your trading strategy. You can check the coin tickers at https://coinmarketcap.com/

Important points of the feature:

It is generally not advisable to exclude big market-cap coins such as BTC and ETH from our investment strategies, as they often serve as the base coins for our trading activities. 

We believe this new feature will be a valuable tool for Diamond Pigs customers, and we’re excited to hear your feedback as we continue to improve our unique features. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your feedback and suggestions at info@diamondpigs.com