Trade Like a Pro, Sleep Like a Rock

The best alternative to hodling and trading.
Trading bots that know when to get in and out

And discover what the result can be for your wallet​

Crypto Never

For the majority of people, engaging in daily crypto trading is too challenging. It carries a high degree of risk and in the long term, 90% of traders will likely lose money. Here are a few reasons why:

Do you have in-depth knowledge or perform a fundamental analysis on all of your coins?

Are you an experienced trader and do you have in-depth knowledge on technical analysis?

Are you able to stick to your principles and perform your trades based on your plan?

Do you have a job? A partner? Kids? Hobbies?

Leave It to the Robots

Get the most out of your cryptos

Diamond Pigs employs trading bots to optimize your cryptocurrency profits. Our bots are constantly tracking activities across a wide array of coins, 24/7, to determine the best times to buy and sell. Safeguard against dips with temporary stablecoin transfers, before stepping back into cryptos as prices rise.

Tailored strategies for your goals and risk profile

This is fundamentally different from what other crypto platforms offer. You can select from two types of strategies: active and index, while holding your preferred coins, all directly in your exchange wallet. You have the option to choose one or multiple strategies simultaneously and convert back to BTC or stablecoins at any time.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Act like a pro, without doing anything

As a Bitvavo, Binance or Huobi user, you can now easily benefit from Diamond Pigs' automated trading strategies. Crypto always stays in your wallet, and you can stop anytime.

Free membership up to €200, with only a 0.167% monthly service fee and a 15% performance fee. We only earn when you benefit.

And discover for yourself what the result could have been for you today. Spoiler alert! The fall of 2022 had largely passed you by.

The story behind Diamond Pigs

Early days in 2013

Diamond Pigs is made up of early adopters of cryptocurrency. In 2013, one of our co-founders, Vincent Everts, purchased his first Bitcoin.

December 2017

We established an informal fund called “Cryptopig”.

November 2021

We started Diamond Pigs, welcomed our friends and family as initial users, and established the Binance API connection. Life is good!

Our Mission

Our goal is to share the cryptocurrency knowledge we accumulated over the years and assist everyone in achieving successful trading outcomes.

More Than Automatic Trading

If you’re seeking to earn quick profits with cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to take risks and gamble. However, this isn’t our primary focus. Our objective is to reduce these risks and adopt a long-term approach to crypto investments. Discover our wide range selection of investment strategies HERE. ​

And discover for yourself what the result could have been for you today. Spoiler alert! The fall of 2022 had largely passed you by.

A complete investment platform offering a range of investment strategy options, including active, index, and hodl, with the added benefit of membership cancellation at any time.

An intuitive user dashboard that includes real-time performance metrics, up-to-date information on trading fees and trades, as well as multiple billing options.

Allocate the entire or only a portion of your wallet to Diamond Pigs and trade or hold your preferred coins individually. Additionally, you have the option to select one or multiple strategies, and you can easily convert up to 100% of your funds into BTC or stablecoins at any time.