The Market, The Bots, New Strategy, Limit Orders, and Last Tips for Binance Users

July 13, 2023 Welcome to our biweekly newsletter. Here, we provide a recap of the most consequential events in the global market, the cryptocurrency landscape, and within Diamond Pigs The Market Recent robust US labor market data indicates that core inflation might remain above the Federal Reserve’s 2% target. Wall Street expects the Fed to […]

Market Update, Binance Migration, and Bot News

June 28, 2023 Welcome to our biweekly newsletter, where we bring you a summary of the most significant events in the macroeconomy and the crypto space. We’ll present the latest results of our strategies, along with the newest developments, releases, and other important news to share with our esteemed Diamond Pigs members. The Market The […]

Crypto Update: SEC Lawsuits, New Bots and Limit Order Transitions

June 16, 2023 The Crypto Market  Over the past two weeks, the cryptocurrency market has experienced several significant events, likely to leave a lasting impact in the months to come. Regulatory scrutiny in the US continues to overshadow other events in the crypto space. The SEC has sued the two largest exchanges in the US, […]

Insights into the Crypto Market & What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

May 26, 2023 Welcome to the bi-weekly Diamond Pigs newsletter. The Market The market has remained in a range between $26,000 and $31,000 since mid-March, which is a span of over two months. As of now, Bitcoin is trading towards the lower end of that range at $26,800. This indicates a period of consolidation and […]

Alt Season is Here? The Market, our Strategies and What’s New

April 18, 2023 The Market The latest US Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for March 2023 published last week, showed that the month-on-month increase in US Core CPI has been trending downwards since November 2022. This suggests that the pace of inflation may be slowing down, though it is still too early to say for […]

A New Unique Feature: Exclude Your Favorite Coins!

Diamond Pigs is excited to introduce a new feature called “Exclude Your Favorite Coins” which aims to bring more flexibility and control to the investment strategy of our customers. This new feature allows you to create a list of specific coins in your wallet that you don’t want Diamond Pigs to trade. This means you […]

The Market And Our Strategies

The Market The financial market crisis in the US is ongoing, as more money continues to leave banks daily. Two commodity assets that are currently benefiting greatly from this crisis are gold and bitcoin. This shift may signal a return to the narrative of Bitcoin as a store of value. However, it is still too […]

The Market, Our Strategies, Feature To Exclude Your Coins Going Beta

The Market – Never A Boring Moment The financial sector is always full of surprises, making it an exciting market to follow. Last week’s events had a significant impact on the crypto market. Silvergate bank, which served as a conduit for fiat currency in and out of most crypto exchanges, declared bankruptcy. This, coupled with […]

The Market, Strategies’ Performance, Upcoming New Features, BUSD Update

The MarketThe month of February has been marked by a highly volatile market, with much more sideways trends compared to what was seen in January. This can be attributed to both macroeconomic factors and ongoing crypto-related events. It’s fascinating to see how news and rumors regarding the legal status of cryptocurrencies in different countries can […]