The Market, Our Strategies, Feature To Exclude Your Coins Going Beta

The Market – Never A Boring Moment The financial sector is always full of surprises, making it an exciting market to follow. Last week’s events had a significant impact on the crypto market. Silvergate bank, which served as a conduit for fiat currency in and out of most crypto exchanges, declared bankruptcy. This, coupled with […]

Is A Crypto Relief Rally Coming Soon?

When it comes to the current macro-economics sphere, we read and hear mainly bad news. But there are some hopeful signs that we may indicate an upward trend is coming soon

MICA will offer legal protection for investors in the crypto space 

Have you heard of or even experienced a pump and dump scheme? Have you invested in a coin that within a few weeks was no longer available to trade and lost all the money invested in this coin?  Practices like these create a negative image and raise suspicion on the crypto market. Retail investors currently […]

A Survival Guide During Bear Market Periods

By Idan Velleman, 5th July 2022. These are difficult times for people investing in crypto. Portfolios are down 70%-80% on average from all time high. Investors are moving from risk-on to risk-off assets. High inflations, war in Europe, fear & greed Index is at its lowest since years. On top of that, Terra Luna – […]

Trading strategies and how bots can help automate trading

When is it good to step into a new coin? How do you decide which coins to invest in? And how can bots help make these decisions based on current and past market developments? In this interview, we talk about these topics with our expert Ronald van Woensel. Which Diamond Pigs strategies use fundamental analysis […]

The correlation between the equity market and Bitcoin

Have we ever seen a closer correlation between Nasdaq and the equity market? And what does that mean to investors? Where do we foresee the Bitcoin price performance is heading? Our expert Idan Velleman has been investing in crypto since 2015. Let’s ask him what this correlation is all about. Idan, have we ever seen […]