February 15th, 2024

This week’s blog will delve into the three main bots we are currently deploying in our active strategies.

These bots are developed using a variety of technical analysis methods tailored for both long-term and short-term trading activities and leverage deep learning technology to optimize their results. Our approach to trading and bot selection for different strategies is guided by three fundamental principles: risk minimization per trade, gain maximization per trade, and achieving an optimal balance between trade frequency and associated fees.

One might ask why we work with three different methods. The clear answer is that depending on market conditions and, more specifically, market sentiment, we decide which bot types to deploy. Moreover, different coins often exhibit unique historical price movement patterns, making a particular bot type more suitable for trading certain coins. However, for the majority of the coins, we manage to find suitable matches for all three methods.

For example, in the current positive market conditions, we tend to deploy the DipDiscovery and TrendRider bots more frequently than the VolumeSurge.

The DipDiscovery Bot excels at identifying the lowest points within a trending period to enter long positions. It strategically holds these positions until clear trend reversal signals emerge. This bot is designed for traders seeking to profit from cyclical recoveries in the market by detecting early signs of potential reversals through the analysis of divergences between price movements and cash inflows/outflows, as well as the Money Flow Index (MFI). The DipDiscovery is particularly suitable for positive market conditions, although it can also adapt to sideways or even corrective markets.

The TrendRider Bot is adept at detecting both upward and downward trends in specific cryptocurrencies. Its primary goal is to ensure participation in the market predominantly during upward trends to maximize gains by riding positive momentum while minimizing exposure during downturns. This bot is designed for extended trend engagement, featuring a lower trade frequency to capitalize on long-term market movements. It’s equipped with a higher risk tolerance, ensuring it remains in position within valid trends without being prematurely deterred by market fluctuations. The TrendRider bot is more suitable for positive market conditions and not adequate for sideways or bear markets.

In sideways and bear market conditions, we prefer to deploy the VolumeTrend Bot. It is engineered to pinpoint significant volume changes in specific cryptocurrencies, signaling either the start or the continuation of an uptrend. This bot seeks to enter and remain in these uptrends for optimal durations, leveraging substantial volume shifts as indicators of strong market interest and potential for sustained price increases. Designed with a lower risk profile, it balances market responsiveness with prudent risk management.

Each generated bot undergoes a quality assurance process, first assessed by AI and then reviewed by a member of our trading desk team. Following this, they are placed in a test environment for at least three months, where they are tested in real-time. Only those bots that successfully adhere to our three guiding principles during this period are integrated into one or multiple strategies. This integration is further informed by a simulator that examines the performance of a composition of various bots from different methods for the selected coin in the strategy, ensuring optimization of the weight assigned to each bot, the overall weight for all bots together, and the right combination of bot types for all selected bots.

Stay tuned for more insights into the innovative world of Diamond Pigs, where technology and strategy converge to maximize your trading potential! To learn more about Diamond Pigs, please click here to proceed with onboarding to the Diamond Pigs platform.