Amsterdam, December 1, 2022 – Starting today, Bitvavo customers can have their crypto wallets managed automatically. Through a partnership with Diamond Pigs, customers no longer have to manage their crypto portfolio themselves and when they should buy or sell coins for an optimal return.

Diamond Pigs developed its SYNAPSE™-bots technology which determines the optimal timing to enter and exit trades for up to 100 crypto coins at the same time in real-time. The company uses Bitvavo’s API to convert the signals into actual trades in customers’ wallets. The strategies offer the opportunity to take full advantage of price increases, but also offer protection in the event of a sudden market crash.

Diamond Pigs enables Bitvavo’s clients to trade like pros without any effort.

Mark Nuvelstijn, co-founder and CEO of Bitvavo: “The crypto market is extremely volatile, which brings opportunities. Our customers are asking for tools that assist them with market volatility. Diamond Pigs makes it possible to build in automated protection against market declines.’

Vincent Everts, co-founder, and CEO of Diamond Pigs: “Instead of crypto coins, customers choose 1 of our 4 strategies. Each strategy is built around a collection of bots that always determine the optimal buying or selling moment for each cryptocurrency. They automatically get out if the trend for that coin turns negative and back in when the upward movement starts. The transaction is automatically executed in the crypto wallet of Bitvavo’s customers.

Diamond Pigs members can choose out of 4 trading strategies:
Berkshire – The top 10 Crypto Index
Duroc – A wide selection of coins offered by Bitvavo.
Pennywell – Green coins that meet ESG environmental, social and governance criteria
Hereford – Bitcoin Only.

About Diamond Pigs
Diamond Pigs is a Dutch company that develops solutions for crypto investments, spearheading the SYNAPSE™ (Scalable Yield Network of Adaptive Performance Seeking Engines) technology. Diamond Pigs collaborates with crypto exchanges to unburden investors, allowing them to achieve high return on their crypto investment.

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For interview requests: Vincent Everts 06 47180864

About Bitvavo
Bitvavo was launched in 2018, with the goal to bridge the gap between traditional currencies and digital assets. As a digital asset exchange in the European Union, located in The Netherlands, Bitvavo offers a highly connected platform with instant payment methods and SEPA support, making it the prime European gateway to digital assets.

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