November 21st 2023

In today’s blog, we will give you a glimpse into the meticulous process that the Diamond Pigs team undertakes to create and manage each of our active strategies. This process encompasses everything from coin selection to the generation of SYNAPSE bots, and finally, the composition of the right bot for each strategy.

The Initial Step: Coin Selection

Before we generate any bot, we begin with the crucial step of coins’ selection. This is always grounded in fundamental analysis, which determines the coins to be included in each strategy. The coins are selected based on the following criteria:

  1. User/Network Adoption: This includes factors like commercial deals and growth in the number of user addresses.
  2. Revenue Stream: We assess how much revenue the coins are generating.
  3. Development Roadmap, Product Performance & Team Background: A thorough evaluation of each coin’s future plans, current performance, and the expertise of its team.
  4. Token Economics: We analyse the distribution and fully diluted market cap versus the actual market cap of the coins.
  5. Liquidity & Volatility: The coins’ behaviour on the exchanges we work with is a key consideration.
  6. Selecting the Bots: Guiding Principles.

The Bot Selection Process

At Diamond Pigs, we’ve built an AI-driven bots factory that generates numerous bots daily. These bots are created using various technical analysis methods suited for both long-term and short-term trading activities and uses deep learning technology to optimise its results. Our approach to trading activities and bot selection for various strategies is guided by three fundamental principles: risk minimization per trade, gain maximisation per trade, and optimal balance between trade frequency and associated fees.

The diagram below outlines the journey a bot undergoes before being selected for one of our active strategies. Initially, the generated bots undergo a quality assurance process, first assessed by AI and then reviewed by a member of our trading desk team. After this, they are placed in a test environment for at least three months, where they are tested in real-time. Only those bots that successfully adhere to our three guiding principles during this period are added to one or multiple strategies.

Stay tuned for more insights into the innovative world of Diamond Pigs, where technology and strategy converge to maximize your trading potential!. To learn more about Diamond Pigs, please click here to proceed with onboarding to the Diamond Pigs platform.