April 11th, 2024

Welcome to the Diamond Pigs April Newsletter

In this month’s update, we’ll share with you the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world, strategic updates, and exciting developments within the Diamond Pigs ecosystem.

Key Highlights:

Detailed Insights:

Macro Conditions & Market Sentiment:

This week, the U.S. is poised to release significant economic data, potentially impacting the crypto market. With core CPI and PPI reports on the horizon and the Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index, market volatility may increase. 

Bitcoin Halving & Crypto Outlook:

As Bitcoin nears its eagerly awaited halving event on April 20, the market radiates bullish optimism, marked by a notable price increase indicative of a potential entry into a euphoric phase akin to the 2021 bull run. Glassnode’s on-chain analysis highlights a significant rise in bullish momentum starting from October 2023, bolstered by strong spot demand and a surge in on-chain spot trade volume and exchange flows. This optimism is further fueled by the upcoming Bitcoin halving—a historical precursor to market rallies—pointing to a promising outlook for Bitcoin and the broader crypto markets in the ensuing months.

Diamond Pigs Related News:

Enhancing Customer Experience with ‘Piggy’:

To elevate our customer service, we’ve introduced ‘Piggy,’ an AI-powered chatbot that’s fully integrated with our database, providing customized support for quick and accurate responses to your inquiries. It’s important to note that we are closely monitoring the conversations between Piggy and our users. At times, we may intervene directly with one of our team members taking over the conversation. This approach not only ensures quality control but also helps us refine and improve Piggy’s responses.

Discover the Power of Diamond Pigs Bots: Get an Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look through Our Webinars

Join us every Monday evening or Wednesday afternoon for exclusive webinars that delve deep into the Diamond Pigs platform. These sessions offer a comprehensive overview of our strategic approach to trading in the cryptocurrency market and provide a closer look at our ecosystem, including a behind-the-scenes tour of the various bots and their strategic composition. Sign up here for one of the upcoming sessions.

Expanding Our Exchanges Integrations: Kraken Integration and Forging New Partnership with Bybit

Last week marked a significant milestone for us with the official launch of Kraken as our fifth exchange platform. Now, our attention turns toward integrating Bybit. In close collaboration with the Bybit Dutch team, we’re dedicated to ensure Bybit customers receive a seamless onboarding experience. We aim to offer enhanced investment options tailored to safeguard and support Bybit users in navigating the dynamic and volatile conditions of the crypto market.

Looking Ahead:

Additional Trading Strategies on the Way:

We’re pleased to unveil a new active trading strategy, powered by our SYNAPSE bots, focusing on meme coins. This strategy will engage with coins such as WIFI, BONK, DOGE, SHIB, FLOKI, and others. Additionally, following valuable feedback from our users, we’re exploring the incorporation of Solana into our Gascon strategy. This update will diversify trading to encompass a trio of major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. For users who prefer to limit their Gascon strategy trades to BTC and ETH, we’re offering the flexibility to exclude SOL through our “Exclude Your Coin” feature. These strategies are currently under testing. If you have questions or wish to participate in the testing, please contact us at info@diamondpigs.com.