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Trading or Hodling? Why Not Both?

Are you a ‘HODLer’ watching your crypto weather market storms? That’s a plan, but what if you could do better, even when the market takes a nosedive?

Or perhaps you’re considering trading but are worried about the risks? You’re not alone; up to 90% of individual traders face losses due to lack of expertise, emotional decisions, and the inability to monitor the markets 24/7.

Leave it to the AI-Driven Robots — And Do it For FREE!

At Diamond Pigs, we employ advanced, AI-driven trading bots that work tirelessly 24/7 to optimize your gains. These bots track market activities for fundamentally strong coins, identify optimal buying and selling opportunities, and automatically carry out the trades directly in your wallet.

Tailor your investments: Choose from active and index strategies to suit your investment preferences. You can select one or a combination of these strategies, and easily transition back to Bitcoin and stablecoins whenever you wish.

Your crypto, your choice!
Want to HODL some coins while trading others? No problem! Allocate either a portion or your entire wallet to be managed by our bots.

Optimze Your
Wallet Potential with Diamond Pigs

We offer a fully flexible, AI-driven crypto trading platform designed for exchange users. With a range of automated strategies and the option to hold or actively trade your favorite coins separately, our main goal is to protect you during volatile market conditions and grow your wallet during good times.

The Numbers Don't Lie

The all-in-one investment platform

Active Strategies

Powered by AI-driven bots

Index Strategy

Top 10 largest crypto coins

Flexible Wallet

Allocate your entire wallet or just
a part of it

Simple API Integration

Assets always stay in your wallet with only the permission to trade

Hold or Trade Manually

Decide what you want to do with your favourite coins

Adaptive Portfolio Management

Switch back to BTC, ETH, SOL
or Stable Coins & opt out anytime

Act Like a Pro Without Lifting a Finger

As a special treat for our WhiteBIT customers, we’re offering our premium services absolutely FREE until the end of the year!

How we earn? Only when you do!
Starting from 2024, we’ll only take a small cut of your PROFITS. That means we’re invested in making sure you gain from your investments.

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Test out our AI-powered strategies in Play Mode, and see your potential gains in real-time. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s risk-free!

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