Janaury 2nd, 2024

Welcome to what promises to be an exceptional year in crypto!

First and foremost, we wish you a joyful and prosperous 2024, surrounded by those you cherish. Here’s hoping for a calmer world this year, with reduced conflict and greater harmony.

We ended the year with significant growth in all our strategies and naturally hope to continue this in 2024. Together, we have set ambitious goals for 2024, aiming to enhance our bots and thereby deepen your trust in our services.

Additionally, we are diligently developing Diamond Pigs Signals, our Do It Yourself solution for customers keen on self-trading. This will introduce a flexible subscription model, allowing everyone to select the service that best suits their needs. We will also continue to connect at least 5 new Crypto Exchanges so that we can continue to offer our services worldwide.

Moreover, 2024 marks the year we embark on MiCAR compliance, adhering to European regulations for crypto services. And the Market? What awaits us?

As highlighted in our previous newsletter, there’s a notable shift in momentum within the crypto space, moving from Bitcoin to Altcoins. Key sectors such as Ethereum L1 alternatives (including Solana and Avalanche), Decentralised exchanges (like ThorChain, Injective, WOO Network), and Layer 2 solutions (Immutable) are currently outperforming others. Reflecting these market trends, our Duroc and Berkshire strategies have achieved a remarkable 20% growth over the past 30 days. To stay in tune with the evolving market sentiment, our team has recently restructured the Crypto Mix strategies (Duroc and Pennywell). We have carefully selected 10 high-performing coins, each backed by reliable, AI-powered bots, to ensure robust long and short-term performance for both strategies.

The year kicks off with the potential approval or rejection of ETFs, applied for by major asset managers in the United States. If approved, it is expected that “our” crypto market will be made accessible to a larger – traditional – audience with a large inflow of new capital. Then the new Halving for Bitcoin will follow in April and what happens next is written in the stars! We’re excited for what the year holds and hope you are too!

Thanks and see you soon!