Optimizing Your Return On Investment In The Crypto Space

Executing different successful investment strategies directly from your wallet

Want to enjoy the high returns from crypto investments, but not sure how to begin or where to invest in?

Are you already investing in crypto, but don’t have time to actively trade ?

Are you looking to outsource your crypto investment activities to a trusted party without handing over control of your assets?

We Can Help You ...

The Diamond Pigs platform offers you a safe environment to easily select and execute the crypto investment strategy that best suits your goals and profile.

Our advanced technology enables you to delegate investment control without the need to transfer your assets from your Binance wallet. You maintain absolute control of your own assets at all times.

The various investment strategies with the different typical risk-reward profiles, are managed by experienced crypto experts with a proven track record. To mitigate risks and optimize your returns, you may choose to invest in multiple strategies for different slices of your wallet!

Our team composed four different crypto investment types representing a range of strategies with different risk-reward levels. The Berkshire investment is an index strategy that attempts to mimic the crypto market performance. The Duroc as well Pennywell investments are value strategies that focus on long-term projects. The Jinhua investment is a momentum strategy using a swing trading method. Below, you can find more information on each strategy:

Our Investment Strategies


Number of coins in portfolio

Trade Type

Trade Frequency

Risk -- Reward Level

Monthly Service Fee

Monthly Performance Fee

Historical Performance

The largest coins in the terms of market capitalization
Low – Medium
(Since 1-10-2019)
New and innovative blockchain projects
10 – 20
Portfolio Manager
(Since 1-10-2019)

Fastest movers in the entire cryptomarket

Portfolio Manager
(Since 7-2-2021)

Environmentally friendly crypto assets

Portfolio Manager
(Since 7-10-2021)
  • If market conditions are too volatile, we may decide to sell the entire position and keep your wallet balance in USDT to prevent unnecessary losses.
  • Trading fees are deducted when applicable.
  • Past performance is no guarantee of future results

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How It Works

Simply open a Diamond Pigs account, connect your Binance wallet to our platform, select your investment strategy(s) and we will take care of the rest. Your wallet will remain under your control at all times while your selected investment strategies will be smartly managed by asset management professionals.

The Diamond Pigs dashboard will offer you full visibility and flexibility to view your investment portfolios and manage your membership online. Our investments consists of long-term as well as short terms strategies and our main goal is to outperform bitcoin year over year.

Diamond Pigs

Open a Diamond
Pigs account

Open a Binance
Exchange account

Connect your Binance account
with the Diamond Pigs account

Confirm the investment amount
and select your strategies

Meet The Team

Originates from the Cryptopigs, a club of friends who jointly invested in upcoming promising crypto projects as of 2018, and gradually evolved into today’s Diamond Pigs platform.

The Diamond Pigs refer to the famous quote by the great Winston Churchill who once said “Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” Likewise, it’s our goal to make investing in the crypto space equal opportunity regardless of one’s knowledge of the technology and the sector. Paraphrasing Napoleon – the ruling pig in George Orwell’s famous novel ‘Animal Farm’ – we like to say that all pigs are equal but that the diamond pigs for sure are more equal than others.

That is why we named each one of our investment strategies to a famous pig breed.

Our team is made of leading experts in the crypto and blockchain space. We are technology-driven entrepreneurs with decades of working experience. We have dedicated ourselves to help you get the best out of the opportunities the crypto space has to offer.

Idan Velleman Founder
An entrepreneur with 20 years of commercial experience in the hospitality and tech industry. Before co-founding Diamond Pig, Idan helped to build a med-tech company that designed medical wearable devices. In 2017, together with Vincent Everts and two others, founded GreenMine - a green Bitcoin mining facility. He worked at various business development and sales positions at Booking.com, PriceMatch (acquired by Booking), TravelClick, and Radisson. Idan was also one of the founders of a SaaS revenue management software that catered to the hotel industry. Idan graduated from Hotelschool The Hague with a BA in Hospitality Administration and Management (NL).

Ronald van Woensel Founder
Ronald van Woensdel is one of the core technology architects of Diamond Pigs. He is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in ICT. Ronald has broad experience in architecting & developing secured scalable cloud platforms and managing large IT teams. Next to his in-depth software skills, he owns business expertise in strategy, commercial, and operations. Ronald co-founded Resono.nl which provides crowd and traffic insights using mobile technology and big data. He founded Locus in 1989, developing and implementing a disruptive Warehouse management system (WMS) for companies like GAP, Hema & Quickstep and turned it into the largest WMS provider in the Benelux. Ronald graduated from the Delft University of Technology with a BSc in Electrical Engineering.
Jan Prins Founder
A serial ICT entrepreneur with a strong focus on sales and strategy consulting. Jan is non-conformist, energetic, pragmatic, and goal-oriented with a strong focus on achieving results, preferably in a groundbreaking way. In the past, he co-founded ISOC.nl, the Dutch Chapter of the global Internet Society as well as PC-zapper, developing pioneering video technology on the internet together with Ronald van Woensel and Vincent Everts. He also served on the board of Mediaplaza. Jan is a TMA® Method certified coach and trainer, focussing on digital transformation. Jan holds a degree in Technology Management from the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Constant Brinkman Founder
An expert in complex scalable secure back office server platforms. A serial entrepreneur, musician, electronics engineer, and owner of various tech companies such as Intermax, a hosting Company, Datlab, specializes in data enrichment, and ABC-sites that offer a simple CMS to build websites. Constant made hardware and software for 2D and 3D milling and vinyl cutting machines at Komplot Mechanics and Scorpio. He worked for various architects as a hardware and software sysop. In 1995 he founded Colibri.nl, offering hosting, websites, and applications like logistics, ticketing, and team-planning for festivals.

Vincent Everts Founder
A serial software entrepreneur who started multiple companies with more than 500 employees in the USA, Europa & Russia. Vincent is a trendwatcher who has inspired 500.000+ people with presentations and events. He regularly appears on radio, TV speaking about digital transformation and the consequences for organizations. He is known for his limitless energy, interaction with the audiences & deep knowledge. He studied Physics, Political sciences, economics, and business school.

Bart Mellink Founder
Bart Mellink is one of the core technology architects of Diamond Pigs. After graduating from the University of Delft, he gained more than 35 years experience in Information Technology. The last 25 years he acted as strategic consultant at Gartner. He is considered an expert on the application of innovative technologies, application development, enterprise architecture, data architecture, infrastructure, IT program management, IT governance, information security and knowledge management. Before joining Gartner, he established himself as entrepreneur, and skilled professional in software development and infrastructure architecture, by co-founding the Cyco Group in 1984 a leading edge software development company and systems integrator for industrial application of IT in the Netherlands.

Ask Us Anything

Are you a fund or a platform?
We offer a platform where various investment strategies can be selected and executed automatically within your wallet. We are working with dedicated and experienced investment strategy managers.
Are you a trader or investor?
We are neither a trader nor investor. We offer a platform that connects to exchanges and helps you to execute investment strategies within your wallet.
How do you determine each investments’ strategy risk level?
For each investment strategy, a risk level is determined based on historical performance.
Is there a minimum amount required to join Diamond Pigs?
There is a minimum crypto currency amount equivalent to $5000 required to join Diamond Pigs.
Can I also deposit money instead of crypto?

No. we are only working with crypto currencies in our platform. 

Can you sign up as a company or only as a particular?

Our services are only offered to particular and not to companies

Can I add crypto assets during my membership?

Yes. You can deposit or withdraw capital from your account at all times.

Can I change my investment strategies?

Yes. You are always able to adjust the ratio % of the various investment strategies by selecting “Adjust Your Strategy” link on the Diamonds Pigs dashboard

Is Diamond Pigs regulated by any financial authority?

We are not supervised by any financial services authority,
As we are unable to access your crypto assets in your Binance account, other than entering buy and sell orders which take place on your own Binance wallet account.

How can I get my money out?
You can decide at any time to terminate your subscription on the Diamond Pigs platform, automatically followed by the disconnection between your Diamond Pig account and your Binance wallet.
How do I join Diamond Pigs?

Here you can find a link to the registration form to sign up for the
Diamond Pigs platform. The onboarding process including the following four steps:
1. Open a Diamond Pigs account
2. Open an account on Binance exchange
3. Connect your Binance account with the Diamond Pigs account
4. Confirm the investment amount and select your strategies

Which exchanges are supported?
How do I open a Binance account?
Here you can find a link to an explanation of how to open a Binance account.
How about security? Is it safe?

Security is our number one priority.

Diamond Pig offers a non-custodial services. It means that all crypto assets remain at all times under the custody and control of each members’ wallet account on Binance.
All members are also obliged to work with an extra layer of security (2FA) when signing into the Diamond Pigs platform.

How can I take profit?
You may sell all or part of your portfolio at any time and transfer the funds released from your Binance account to another account. For a partial sale, you must maintain the minimum portfolio value of $ 5000 at all times.
On the last day of the month, we will rebalance and  your entire portfolio, considering the amount of money available in it.
Why do I need to connect between my Diamond Pigs account and my Binance Account?

The connection between your Diamond Pigs account and your Binance account allows us to trade and rebalance your portfolio.
The connection is established, using an API key that grants us the right to trade on your behalf without asking for your Binance username and password details. Explanation of how to create and enter API key will be provided as part of the enrollment process.


What can you do with my Binance Account?

Our access to your Binance crypto wallet is limited to being able to enter buy and sell orders within your portfolio. We are unable to withdraw crypto assets from your account. You remain in control of your own crypto account at all times.

Do you require KYC identity verification??

Yes. We want to ensure that our members are genuinely who they claim to be and prevent money laundering, terrorism  financing, and other illegal corruption schemes. 

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