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Executing investment strategies powered by our SYNAPSE™-bots technology, directly in your Binance wallet.

In Play Mode, you can select each strategy, and view the results over a period of time.

Simply select the starting date and your desired invested amount and view the performance of each strategy in real time.

Our Active Investment Strategies vs. Bitcoin Performance Since May 2022


How it works

WE compose investment strategies. Each strategy consists of a basket of coins that are carefully selected.

YOU select the strategy that matches your individual goals and risk profile. 

OUR SYNAPSE™ bots determine the best timing to enter and exit a trade for each coin.

ALL trades are executed automatically 24/7, directly in your Binance wallet.

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Proven SYNAPSE™ Bots

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How to join

Join us in 3 simple steps:


1. Create a free account.

To view our strategies’ results .


2. Connect your digital wallet.

No minimum investment required.


3. Select and activate your strategy.

Lean back and relax and let us grow your crypto assets.

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