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  • 50% market correction in the last 2 months
  • Extreme high Fear Index
  • Investment sentiment is at its lows since march 2020
  • High volatile market conditions
Our expectations:

Diversifying your crypto portfolio is key to future returns. It is time-consuming and requires trading expertise to invest in crypto assets. Diamond Pigs offers you smart crypto investing strategies with different risk-reward levels, executed directly in your Binance wallet.

The Berkshire investment is an index strategy that attempts to mimic the crypto market performance. The Duroc as well Pennywell investments are value strategies that focus on long-term projects. The Jinhua investment is a momentum strategy using a swing trading method.

Our advanced technology gives you full flexibility to amend your strategies selection, move to bitcoin and stable coins, stop, pause, add or remove capital at any time.

Over the last 12 months, our strategies consistently outperformed Bitcoin.

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  1. Create a free Diamond Pigs account

  2. Connect your Binance account (API key)

  3. Deposit your account with at least $5000

  4. Select and activate the investment strategies of your choice

    While you can lean back and relax, let the Diamond Pigs work to grow the value of your crypto assets.

Our Crypto Investment Strategies are Consistently Outperforming Bitcoin

Diamond Pigs is your best option to collect more Bitcoin without buying it.


Risk – Reward Level 

Monthly Service Fee

Historical Return

Minimum Investment


The largest coins in terms of market capitalization

Low – Medium

(since 1-10-2019)


New and innovative block chain projects


(since 1-10-2019)

Fastest movers in the entire cryptomarket



(since 7-2-2021)

5000 USDT

Environmentally friendly crypto assets



(since 7-10-2021)

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