Is Diamond Pigs safe?

We don’t have access to your assets, and can’t withdraw or deposit from your digital wallet.


So how does this work? Our bots send signals when to enter and exit a trade for each coin, directly to your digital wallet. You can stop at any time, without any obligations.

What are the costs?

For all our active strategies (Duroc, Jinhua, Hereford, and Pennywell), our fee structure is based on a monthly management fee of 0.167% on the total value invested as well as a performance fee, based on a high watermark of 15% calculated per month. 


For our Top 10 Crytpo Index strategy – Berkshire, a monthly management fee of 0.25% per month is charged on the total value invested.

To hold your assets in BTC or a stablecoin (BUSD, EUR) a monthly management fee of 0.1% is calculated.

Fees are charged either in crypto or EURO. For more info on the fees per strategy, visit our Play Mode.

How do I select the right strategy?

The question of which strategy to select depends on your risk profile and personal goal:

If you are for the long haul and your crypto investment has a perspective of a minimum of 3 to 5 years and you tend to be risk-averse, the top 10 index strategy such as Berkshire may be the best fit. 

If you tend to have more risk tolerance, you may go for one of our active strategies (Duroc, Pennywell, or Jinhua). All powered by our advanced SYNAPSE™-bots technology.

See more information about each of our strategies and how to select the right one for you here.

Which exchanges are supported by Diamond Pigs?

Currently we are supporting Binance and Bitvavo.

How to join Diamond Pigs?
The onboarding process includes the following four steps:
  1. Open a Diamond Pigs account
  2. Open an account on any of the exchanges supported by Diamond Pigs. 
  3. Connect your wallet with the Diamond Pigs account
  4. Confirm the investment amount and select your strategies
Is there a minimum amount required to join Diamond Pigs?

No, there is no minimum investment amount required to join Diamond Pigs.

How can Diamond Pigs protect my portfolio?

Diamond Pigs offers a crypto wealth management platform with fully automated trading powered by our SYNAPSE™ bot technology.

Our SYNAPSE™ bots execute emotionless trades 24/7. They determine the best timing to enter and exit a trade for each coin.

Next to the technology, we have our crypto experts, that prepare and monitor a curated selection of active investment strategies.


This way we can grow our members’ assets in good AND bad times.

How Diamond Pigs select coins?

Each investment strategy contains baskets of coins that have been carefully chosen by our trading desk and have been fundamentally analyzed by looking at product offering, price development, company revenue, tokenization, the community as well as the team behind the project. Each of the coins in our strategies is assessed by our SYNAPSE™-bots that are trained to process big data 24/7 and are programed emotionlessly to step in and out of the market.