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Diamond Pigs

Optimze Your
Wallet Potential with Diamond Pigs

We offer a fully flexible, AI-driven crypto trading platform designed for exchange users. With a range of automated strategies and the option to hold or actively trade your favorite coins separately, our main goal is to protect you during volatile market conditions and grow your wallet during good times.

Crypto Never

Our platform is designed for individuals who lack the time or expertise to trade but wish to profit from the growing crypto market.

For the majority of people, engaging in daily crypto trading is too challenging. It carries a high degree of risk and in the long term, 90% of traders will likely lose money. Here are a few reasons why:

Do you have in-depth knowledge or perform a fundamental analysis on all of your coins?

Are you an experienced trader and do you have in-depth knowledge on technical analysis?

Are you able to stick to your principles and perform your trades based on your plan?

Do you have a job? A partner? Kids? Hobbies?

Leave It to the Robots

Advanced, AI-Driven Trading

At Diamond Pigs, we employ advanced, AI-driven trading bots that work tirelessly 24/7 to optimize your gains. These bots track market activities for fundamentally strong coins, identify optimal buying and selling opportunities, and automatically carry out the trades directly in your wallet.

Tailored Investment Strategies

You can select from active and index strategies, tailoring your investments according to your preferences.

Your Crypto, Your Choice!

Want to HODL some coins while trading others? No problem! With Diamond Pigs, you have the flexibility to allocate either a portion or your entire wallet to be managed by our bots.

The all-in-one investment platform

Active Strategies

Powered by AI-driven bots

Index Strategy

Top 10 largest crypto coins

Flexible Wallet

Allocate your entire wallet or just
a part of it

Simple API Integration

Assets always stay in your wallet with only the permission to trade

Hold or Trade Manually

Decide what you want to do with your favourite coins

Adaptive Portfolio Management

Switch back to BTC, ETH, SOL
and Stable Coins & opt out anytime

The Numbers Don't Lie

Trade Like an Expert,
Without Lifting a Finger

Whether you're using Bitvavo, Binance, Huobi or WhiteBIT, Diamond Pigs makes it incredibly easy to tap into automated trading strategies. All while your cryptocurrency remains secure in your own wallet. Stop or start whenever you wish.

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Our Success Is Your Success

We're transparent about our fees. You'll find no hidden costs here; we only profit when you do.

And discover for yourself what the result could have been for you today. Spoiler alert! The fall of 2022 had largely passed you by.

The story behind Diamond Pigs


Early days in 2013

Diamond Pigs is made up of early adopters of cryptocurrency. In 2013, one of our co-founders, Vincent Everts, purchased his first Bitcoin.

December 2017

We established an informal fund called “Cryptopig”.

November 2021

We started Diamond Pigs, welcomed our friends and family as initial users, and established the Binance API connection. Life is good!
diamond pigs

Our Mission

Our goal is to share the cryptocurrency knowledge we accumulated over the years and assist everyone in achieving successful trading outcomes.

Simply connect with your exchanges

More than Just Trading

We’re not about quick wins; we aim for consistent, long-term gains. Take an online tour of our platform to understand our multifaceted approach.

And discover for yourself what the result could have been for you today. Spoiler alert! The fall of 2022 had largely passed you by.

Various investment strategy options including active, index, and hodl strategies.

Real-time performance metrics and flexible billing options.

Choose one or multiple strategies and switch back to BTC, ETH, SOL or stablecoins anytime.